You should not be mad at me. Yeah. Exactly. I’m not. In fact I fucking applaud you. I’m so happy to hear that baby. Fucking fantastic. Ha ha. You need to postpone speaking to me? Yes go ahead! Need to move it again to another day? Yes, sure, absolutely! No problem at all.

In fact sweetheart, why don’t we move it to next week? Or the month after that? Or in fact why don’t we speak in one year from now?

I mean of course I understand, we both have lives, both have things to do, it’s not problem especially since you are thousands of miles away, what’s the problem with prolonging our calls?

We don’t need to update each other, we have no need to talk everyday. Psh.

It’s not a life or death situation. It’s fine baby. You don’t need to keep reasoning with me, make me see your logic, and to understand. You already gave your excuse, I don’t need to hear about it again and again and again.

And to you too. It’s fine. Who cares about postponing our dinners and meetups. Psh. Whatever, its fine.  I get it. You don’t need to elaborate so much about your excuses.

I am just here, learning, observing. Gaining a full understanding of the situation and where your priorities lie during my time of need. The time when I need someone the most. Thank you for helping me see the light.

Just keep this in mind, remember it so well. When you question and start to doubt my loyalty.

If you don’t start being there, don’t be surprised when someone or something else does.

Talking about you,  Marlboro and  Merlot 😉
I’m coming to see you soon, hope you didn’t miss me too much.