one more time

Career. Education. Money. Relationships. Health. 

These are the areas I will look into right now. 



  • Final year at university 
  • One semester left
  • On study leave 
  • Finished a semester abroad
  • Not great GPA 
  • Need to finish my ongoing courses 


  • On internship 
  •  Related to studies
  • Need to establish connections 


  • Not the best shape 
  • Not overweight
  • Need to lose weight 
  • Need to stop scratching and cutting myself 
  • Need to stop drinking everyday 
  • Continue martial arts 


  • Not broke
  • Good savings
  • Need to jump-start my personal finances 
  • Need to stop buying so much alcohol 


    • Stop watching so much  TV series 
    • Stop watching so much porn 


    • Fix this
    • Stop being a bitch
    • Stop trying to fix things with people who don’t want it to be fixed 
    • Appreciate the people who have been with you all this time
    • Consider leaving doors shut
    • Don’t reply on others do emotional and mental support, the only person who can help you is yourself
    • Deal with rejection better 

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